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Reconciliation procedure

In accordance with Article 43bis §3 2° and 3° of the Act of 21 March 1991, the Ombudsman is tasked with :

  • negotiating in order to expedite an amicable settlement for disputes between the telecommunications companies and the end-users ;
  • making a recommendation to the telecommunications company when no amicable settlement can be reached ; a copy of the recommendation is sent to the complainant.

First and foremost, the Ombudsman tries first of all to reconcile the parties through a mutual exchange of views.

In most cases, this is limited to a written procedure but conference calls, witness statements, reconciliation meetings and expert reports are all part of the everyday tools of the Office of the Ombudsman for Telecommunications.

If this does not produce a result, the mediator makes a non-binding recommendation to the telephone company.

In this case, the telecommunications company has a period of twenty working days in which to justify its decision if it does not follow the recommendation issued.

BlindSurfer, February 2006

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